About Jen Hastings

jen flo brochure

I have been practicing music therapy for a little over 20 years. I love that there is a job in which I can be fully myself and have a great time doing it. Further, the research findings on the effects of music on our bodies, brains, and the ways we relate is just beginning, and I continue to love this cutting-edge profession.

I began my undergraduate studies in music therapy at the College at New Paltz, NY. I interned in 1997 at an incredible facility called Taconic DDSO, where I learned to engage people with severe developmental disabilities through musical improvisation. This taught me that anyone can engage musically, and indeed this is our right as people, and this is a primal need that should not go unfulfilled. I continued this work with kids with developmental disabilities (especially autism) and older adults with neurologic issues.

I returned to school recently as a graduate assistant at the University of the Pacific, where I studied advanced music therapy techniques and taught undergraduate music therapists in both the classroom and the field. My thesis research examined the effects of rhythmically-cued bilateral arm movements for people with hemiparesis from stroke. I also received my Neurologic Music Therapy Fellowship at Colorado State this past year. Most recently, I finished a fellowship with MusicianCorps, where I created and implemented a music therapy program at the San Francisco VA. I am now in Private Practice in the Bay Area.



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